METSAM is established with the cooperation of Bilkent Holding and Samm Teknoloji. The company's goal is to produce optical fiber in Turkey with internal resources. In addition to optical fiber production, we also aim to conduct R&D in photonics and related fields. The production and research center is located within the UNAM (National Nanotechnology Research Center), which is the solution partner on the Bilkent University campus.

Optical Fiber is the central component of fiber optic cables, through which the light is transmitted by propagating inside the optical fiber. Unfortunately, nowadays optical fiber is an imported component for Turkish companies. As a country that produces fiber optic cables in high quantities, and therefore imports the required optical fiber due to the lack of domestic manufacturing, Metsam will have the capacity to supply the region in this regard. Considering that, there are domestic companies that are competent enough to supply fiber optic cables even to CERN (European Nuclear Research Center), it is not difficult to understand the importance of producing optical fibers with our own internal resources. Working on the needs of the world is at the forefront of METSAM’s goals.


Tunç Batum


Vice President
Mustafa Akşit
(Samm Teknoloji)

Another important point of optical fiber production is quality. As the light-carrying component of fiber optic cables, optical fiber quality is one of the most important aspects of the cable. In order to achieve high-quality and suitable products for new technologies, scientific and technical knowledge must be combined. At this point, the scientific knowledge that Bilkent Holding can provide to METSAM and the technical and sectoral knowledge that Samm Teknoloji can provide will complement each other and ensure the production of world-class high-quality products.

It is easy to achieve international success with the stakeholders that make up METSAM who all have scientific, technical, and sectoral knowledge. As institutions that believe in working together, producing and finding solutions to the problems that we see around us, we are happy to identify the need in our country and take new steps to reach a solution in this regard. We are advancing at full speed to our target of starting production in 2022.

Solution Partner: UNAM

Bilkent University UNAM was established in 2007 as a National Laboratory in Bilkent to develop international scientific and technological excellence in disciplines such as material sciences and engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, molecular biology, under the umbrella of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Later, it became one of the first four National Research Centers in Turkey, receiving qualification on August 16, 2017, within the scope of Law No. 6550 on the Support of Research Infrastructures.

UNAM will be METSAM's solution partner for producing optical fiber with their academic field of expertise.

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